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Darren Sugiyama is an internationally acclaimed author of seven published books.  His literary works are currently being distributed in Australia, Brasil, Canada, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


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How I Build A $37 Million Insurance Agency (2nd Edition)
The original first edition of this book was published in 2010.  Ten years later, Darren Sugiyama released this second edition and includes most of the original content, plus everything he has learned over the last decade.  At double the page count, Darren reflects on the principles that made him successful in the early years of his business career, and also the newly evolved principles that can only come with experience, age and wisdom.  This is a must-read, whether you are building your first insurance agency, or if you're a seasoned veteran starting the second chapter of your business career.  To purchase on Amazon, CLICK HERE.

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The Icon Effect 

This is Darren Sugiyama's first fictional novel, and is about how the right mentor can change the course of your life, forever.  Vincent - the main character - is a recently divorced, struggling entrepreneur who has lost his confidence.  But a chance meeting with an extremely successful businessman blossoms into a mentor/mentee relationship, Vincent is introduced to a world that he could have only dreamed of.  This is a story of an underdog's struggle in finding his way in life.  Though this is a fictional novel, Darren weaves in 25 Life Rules on how to live a fulfilling and successful life  (think Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist meets Rocky).   To purchase on Amazon, CLICK HERE.


The Takeo Effect 
In this sequel to The Icon Effect, Vincent finds himself in new unchartered waters after inheriting The Icon's financial advisory firm in New York and is faced with some extreme challenges that make him question everything.  As he struggles to find his way after falling from grace, he meets a new mentor named Takeo Takashi - a Japanese billionaire - that teaches him how to apply the ways of the samurai to his new business challenges.  Takeo's teachings are similar to The Icon's in some ways, but very different in others, as Vincent discovers a new perspective on success, loyalty, happiness and his own identity.  This is a story about the importance of family, true friendship, and redemption.  To purchase the hardcover, paperback, Kindle, or audiobook, CLICK HERE.

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Premium Financed Life Insurance - The Key To Effective Estate Planning
In the world of wealth management, it is common place for high-net worth individuals to purchase $20 million to $100 million life insurance policies using Premium Financing - a leveraged strategy wherein wealthy individuals utilize bank capital to finance life insurance premiums.  One of Darren Sugiyama's companies - Lionsmark Capital - is one of the most respected firms in the country that specializes in this strategy for the uber-wealthy.  Known as the most mathematically sound (and one of the most sophisticated) experts in the industry, Darren transparently explains the how to properly use premium financed life insurance in estate planning.  To purchase, CLICK HERE.



In this book, Darren Sugiyama transparently explains how his life insurance agent lost him $930,000 within a three-year period, and how he used this personal experience as the inspiration to start DaVinci - a life insurance consulting firm.  In 2017, DaVinci was responsible for 25% of all the life insurance policies sold for Pacific Life in Orange County, California.  In 2018, DaVinci was responsible for 29% of the all the life insurance policies sold for Penn Mutual in Orange County, and in 2019, over 38%.  This book explains how Indexed Universal Life insurance (IUL) works, why real estate investments aren't as mathematically favorable as you have been led to believe, and how taxes erode your investment gains.  To purchase on Amazon, CLICK HERE.


Living Outside The Cubicle

Written for aspiring entrepreneurs, Darren provides a detailed explanation of his unorthodox goal setting program, how to build bulletproof confidence, building your brand, how to effectively communicate with clients, and much more.  He explicitly talks about the journey of an entrepreneur - including both the ups and downs - and how he learned to navigate through the challenging times, especially in the early stages of his career.  He also has an entire chapter dedicated to teaching his leadership principles.  But the chapter most talked about by many readers across the globe is the final chapter - a message Darren wrote to this one-year old son (at the time) about what being a real man is all about.  To purchase on Amazon, CLICK HERE.

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Checkmate - Sales Training Video Series
In this 8-video Checkmate Video series (7 hours & 26 minutes of content) Darren reveals his “24 Sales Rules” and discusses specific sales language that he teaches sales reps and insurance agents in his own companies, and even shares some of his secrets regarding his sales scripts.  This 8-video training series was recorded at a LIVE 2-day Boot Camp Seminar wherein Darren covers topics including:

  *How To Build The Most Effective Sales Script/Message
  *How To Re-Position Your Product/Service as a "Necessity"
  *How To Uncover What a Prospect REALLY Wants 
  *How To Effectively Communicate To An Upset Client
  *How To Overcome The Fear of Rejection & Failure

To purchase Checkmate for $499, click one of the options below...


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