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1979 Revolution: Black Friday - A Game that Challenges Your Morality and Your Camera

1979 Revolution: Black Friday Download - A Review of the Game

If you are looking for a game that combines historical accuracy, narrative choice, and immersive drama, you might want to check out 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. This game is a unique experience that puts you in the shoes of a photojournalist who witnesses and participates in the events of the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79. In this article, we will review the game in terms of its gameplay, graphics, sound, reception, and criticism. We will also tell you how to download it for your preferred platform.


1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an adventure interactive drama video game developed and published by iNK Stories, with assistance from N-Fusion Interactive. The game director, Navid Khonsari, was a child in Iran at the time of the Revolution, and he wanted to create a game that would show the complexity and ambiguity of the situation. The game was released in April 2016 for OS X and Windows, in June 2016 for iOS devices, and in December 2016 for Android devices; the game was released in July 2018 for PlayStation 4, and August 2018 for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One .

1979 revolution black friday download

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The game follows Reza Shirazi, an aspiring photojournalist who returns to Iran amidst the turmoil of the Revolution. The player controls Reza through various scenes and locations, such as protests, riots, covert headquarters, prisons, and more. The player can interact with their surroundings, take photos of important events, and make dialogue choices that affect the outcome of the story. The game also features quick-time events that require fast reactions from the player. The game has multiple endings depending on the player's actions and decisions .

The game is not a typical action or shooter game, but rather a narrative-driven experience that focuses on the characters, emotions, and moral dilemmas of the Revolution. The game aims to present a realistic and balanced portrayal of the historical context, without taking sides or glorifying violence. The game also provides educational information about the Revolution through collectible items, such as cassette tapes, newspapers, flyers, books, etc. The player can also compare their in-game photos with real archival photos taken by photojournalists during the Revolution .

Graphics and Sound

The game uses a realistic art style that captures the atmosphere and mood of Iran in the late 1970s. The game uses motion capture technology to animate the characters' movements and expressions. The game also uses real locations and landmarks from Tehran as reference for its environments. The game's graphics are not very detailed or polished compared to some AAA titles, but they serve their purpose well enough to create an immersive experience .

The game's sound design is also impressive, as it uses authentic sounds from Iran, such as music, chants, speeches, gunshots, etc. The game also features voice acting from Iranian actors who speak in Persian with English subtitles. The game's soundtrack is composed by Nima Fakhrara, who used traditional Iranian instruments to create a haunting and emotional score. The game also uses real historical speeches from prominent figures of the Revolution, such as Ayatollah Khomeini, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Sh. Reception and Criticism

The game received generally positive reviews from critics and players, who praised its story, characters, choices, and historical accuracy. The game was nominated for several awards, such as the BAFTA Games Award for Debut Game, the Game Developers Choice Award for Best Narrative, and the Independent Games Festival Award for Excellence in Narrative . The game also won the Best Adventure Game award from Hardcore Gamer and the Best Storytelling award from GamesRadar+ .

However, the game also faced some criticism and controversy from some Iranian authorities and media outlets, who accused it of being biased, inaccurate, and anti-Iranian. The game was banned in Iran, and some of the developers received death threats and harassment. The game director, Navid Khonsari, was labeled as a spy by some Iranian newspapers, and he was unable to return to his homeland. The game also faced some technical issues and bugs on some platforms, which affected its performance and quality .


In conclusion, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a game that offers a unique and compelling perspective on one of the most important and turbulent events of the 20th century. The game is not a typical action or shooter game, but rather a narrative-driven experience that focuses on the characters, emotions, and moral dilemmas of the Revolution. The game is not perfect, as it has some graphical and technical flaws, and it may not appeal to everyone's taste or political views. However, the game is a brave and bold attempt to create a game that is both entertaining and educational, and it deserves recognition and respect for its achievements.

If you are interested in playing 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, you can download it from various platforms, such as Steam,, App Store, Google Play Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Microsoft Store. The game costs around $10-$15 depending on the platform and region. The game is rated M for Mature by ESRB, 16+ by PEGI, and 18+ by USK .

If you enjoyed playing 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, you might also like some similar games that deal with historical events and choices, such as Valiant Hearts: The Great War, This War of Mine, Detroit: Become Human, Papers, Please, and The Walking Dead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the game?A: The game is about 3-4 hours long, depending on your choices and exploration.

Q: Is the game based on real people and events?A: Yes, the game is based on real people and events that happened during the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79. However, some names and details have been changed or fictionalized for creative purposes.

Q: Does the game have any DLC or sequel?A: No, the game does not have any DLC or sequel as of now. However, the developers have expressed their interest in creating more games based on historical events in the future.

Q: Is the game available in other languages?A: Yes, the game is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and Persian. However, only the English version has voice acting; the other versions have subtitles only.

Q: Is the game suitable for children?A: No, the game is not suitable for children. The game contains graphic violence, blood, gore, torture, nudity, sexual content, strong language, drug use, and mature themes.


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