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[S9E19] The One With Rachel's Dream !!LINK!!

Joey is insecure now his Days of our Lives character Dr. Drake Ramoray is getting a love story, so he asks Rachel for help because he's afraid he won't be convincing enough. After seeing him reciting romantic lines to his love interest on the show, Rachel has a dream that while helping Joey with his lines, they end up kissing for a bit and that makes her a little puzzled. Asking help from Monica made her finally think that she may have a crush on Drake, and thus not on Joey. When she talks to Joey of how he could (in a Method actor's way) think of how he felt in love in real life to feel more convinced in his part, she learns how much Joey loved her when she was pregnant (back in Season 8), him even saying it was the only time he was ever in love. This makes her feel even more confused.

[S9E19] The One With Rachel's Dream

A year after Joey admitted his feelings to Rachel, she began having feelings of her own after witnessing Joey recite romantic lines to a co-star. This prompted a dream where they kiss. Monica convinces her that she actually has a crush on Joey's Days Of Our Lives character, Drake, however, when Joey struggles with a love scene, Rachel suggests he try a sense memory (which he knows nothing about) and he tells her how in love he was with her the previous year.

Joey has a dream in which Rachel gives birth to his baby, only to discover it's a little baby Ross, who says, "I hope you're a better father than you are a friend!" This causes Joey's guilt over his crush on Rachel to weigh on him. In the meantime, Joey has become a great roommate for pregnant Rachel, helping her with her needs and knowing what she can and can't eat, even taking her to the hospital when she starts having mild contractions.

Nervous because his daytime drama role requires him to act as if he is deeply in love with a woman, Joey rehearses with Rachel. Later, she observes the taping of the emotional scene and has a surprising dream that night about Joey. Meanwhile, Chandler makes a nonrefundable reservation at a Vermont country inn to surprise Monica. Unfortunately, she is too busy with her job, so Ross accompanies Chandler to the romantic hideaway. Also, Monica must find a tactful way to ask Phoebe to stop performing her disturbing folk music in front of Monica's restaurant. 041b061a72


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