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Arkitekturang Filipino By Gerard Lico Pdf

The book is divided into four chapters, titled: Cultivating the Land; Creating a People; Establishing Law and Order; and, A Facing the Future. The first and second parts of this book are structured like a survey course, while the last two chapters can be more of an ongoing discussion of issues that further your understanding of this field. Lico is careful to link the origins and evolution of each of the buildings in the Philippines, acknowledging the forgotten past and its continued effect on the present.

Arkitekturang Filipino By Gerard Lico pdf

The first part of the book is the most interesting, covering a little over 30 years of Philippine architectural history. The pieces in this section include: Japanese Colonial Architecture; Yonsei University in Seoul; Architectural Culture in Japan; The First Architects; Architecture as a Form of Power; Towards an Independent Philippine Architecture; Urbanism after the Philippine Revolution; Philippine Architecture from 1821 to 1935; Architecture as Witness; and The Evolution of Philippine Architecture in the 20th Century. Lico acknowledges the violent and disruptive changes that swept the country during this period, and explains how colonials, followed more or less by an indolent administration of the Philippines that followed them, attempted to dominate the country and its people in all aspects of life.

In this section, Lico explains how the people were engulfed by an imperial programme, which installed largely replicas of the culture of their colonizers. This included the architecture of the colonizers. Many colonial structures in the Philippines can be traced back to Europe, and often contain significant Dutch, English, French or Portuguese imprints. A number of Philippine structures from the 1880s onward can be grouped as examples of Portuguese Colonial architectural form (Figure 14).


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