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Best Place To Buy Concert Tickets

We chose the best concert ticket sites based on several factors, including overall user experience, ticket costs, average service fee, interactive seating chart, and more. These factors helped us narrow down the options to assist you in finding the best place to buy concert tickets.

best place to buy concert tickets

We also ranked our seven best concert ticket sites based on the specific events they cover, pricing and payment plans, refund policy, and customer reviews. Each site gets a score out of five based on its performance in each criterion.

Ticket Liquidator is another secondary concert ticket site. It claims to sell concert tickets to over a hundred thousand events across various genres, including live music, festivals, sports, local concerts, popular stand-up shows, and more.

StubHub offers the best tickets to all sorts of shows, including music events, festivals, theater performances, other popular live events, and much more. Plus, filtering your search results by lowest price, best seats, best deal, and ticket delivery method can quickly help you find tickets to your desired show.

StubHub is our top pick and the best place to buy concert tickets for many people. It allows flexible payments for customers on a tight budget and provides the best tickets for a wide selection of live shows.

SeatGeek is one of the best ticket sites that offer access to sporting events and music shows. They also sell tickets for popular Broadway shows on the platform. SeatGeek helps you to keep tabs on your favorite artists, sports teams, and music bands by notifying you when they announce an upcoming event.

SeatGeek is a fantastic option if you want a good price for tickets to music shows and sports matches. Plus, it provides a flexible payment option and allows you to choose the best seats through a 3D interactive seating view.

Tickets on Event Tickets Center are not owned, priced, or shipped by the website. Individual sellers bear full accountability for the tickets listed on the secondary marketplace. The price of a ticket could be different from the face value depending on the vendor.

Buying tickets from a stranger online may be risky. You may have heard about people who were scammed by trusting strangers online. To avoid this, only buy tickets from the best ticket websites.

Most of our best ticket sites offer great prices and deals. For example, StubHub usually discounts popular tickets, and SeatGeek helps you find events by offering available tickets and displaying the best deal.

Different concert ticket sites cater to specific types of tickets. However, the best ticket sites, like TicketCity, provide access to a wide range of live shows, including music events, festivals, theatrical performances, live sports, stand-ups, and other live performances. They also sell tickets for premium seats and other VIP options.

However, customers unable to use their original seats due to personal reasons will not be eligible for a refund from any of the best concert ticket sites. Your best chance if this happens is to resell your ticket.

The best ticket sites often allow you to sell your tickets and get your money back when someone buys them. This feature comes in handy, for example, if you purchase concert tickets online but realize you also have an important event scheduled for the same night.

Because of the high demand, most of the best ticket sites now allow users to resell their tickets. For example, StubHub has simplified its ticket-selling process, and you can list anything from pop concerts to legendary rock band tickets.

Choosing the best ticket sites mostly depends on your preferences. As a result, we prioritized websites like TicketCity that offer tickets for a wide selection of live show genres. We also gave high rankings to sites that focus on specific events. For example, SeatGeek is our top pick for affordable live sports and music concert tickets.

Sites like Ticket Liquidator and Event Tickets Center are secondary markets that resell tickets. They are also the best place to buy concert tickets to sold-out shows. However, these sites charge a premium over face value for sold-out tickets.

TicketCity and Ticket Squeeze are our top secondary marketplaces for ticket resale. You can also resell tickets on StubHub, as it offers a simplified ticket-selling process.

TicketCity is our top pick for the best ticket sites online. It provides tickets to live events, including sports, music concerts, festivals, theater performances, and more. You can quickly find tickets to the event you want by sorting your search results by seat choice, ticket delivery method, and lowest prices.

The best ticket sites on our list charge service fees to deliver the most secure user experience. However, websites that advertise free service fees may include higher shipping prices, hide fees in ticket prices, or have a more limited selection of available tickets.

Whether you purchase tickets online or at the box office is a personal preference as there is no one best option. However, you usually have more choices and flexibility when shopping for tickets online.

All the entries on our list of the best ticket sites provide quality service and exceptional user experience service, but TicketCity is our #1 choice. TicketCity offers tickets to a wide selection of live shows, from pop festivals to heavy metal concerts, live sports, and Broadway performances.

We found that even though more than a quarter of concert tickets are purchased three months or more before a show, those early buyers are actually costing themselves money by getting their tickets that far in advance.

Tickets purchased that far in advance cost nearly 14% more than the average ticket price on the secondary market. On the flip side, we found that tickets cost 33% less than average when purchased the same day a concert is taking place. Tickets purchased the day before a show were also a good deal, costing 27% lower than average.

There was one point where Lumineers tickets notably diverged from overall trends thanks to a significant price spike six days before the concert when prices jumped to $284.20. Prices quickly normalized, however, as the day after that average ticket costs dropped by nearly $125 to $160.45.

From there, prices settled to under $100 for each of the four days immediately leading up to the concert. Two days before the show is when Lumineers fans got the best deal, paying just $71.65 on average for tickets.

One of the festivals we examined was BottleRock Napa, which took place in Napa, California from May 27-29 and was headlined by artists such as Metallica, Pink, and 21 Pilots. Similar to our concert analysis, we graphed out changes in pass prices for that festival over time and compared that to our overall results.

FinanceBuzz analyzed 22,340 tickets sold across 9,254 transactions completed on the secondary market for concerts performed by 14 major musical acts across multiple genres: Billie Eilish, Billy Joel, Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews Band, The Eagles, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, The Lumineers, Morgan Wallen, Orville Peck, Paul McCartney, Still Woozy, and Tame Impala. Concerts took place between April 9-May 24, 2022.

Just like how no two concerts are alike, every music fan is different. But while their favorite artists may vary, they all have one thing in common: a desire to find the best tickets at the lowest price. Fortunately, by following at least some of the tips below, fans can secure great seats at an even better price.

For the hottest shows of the year, the onsale is still typically the time to secure the best offer, especially if you have a specific seat in mind. For those who are more flexible, buying tickets on the secondary market may actually provide a better deal. This is especially true for shows that are not sold out, where prices on the secondary market can often drop below the face value of the ticket. On SeatGeek, 55% of concert tickets in Boston in the last year cost less than $100 each, and 21% cost less than $50 a ticket.

No matter where you shop, make sure it is a trusted marketplace that has buyer protections in place. While fans may see great deals on places like Craigslist, in the event that something is wrong with the tickets, it is often nearly impossible to track down the seller to get the refund that is rightfully deserved.

Once you have figured out where and when to buy tickets, the question is where to sit. This, of course, varies by venue. For amphitheatre shows, the best deals are almost always the seats in the lawn, especially for fans who can arrive at the venue early and get a spot up front. In stadium and arena shows, it can get a bit more complex, as the location of the stage can have a big impact on how good seats are. Broadly speaking, the best deals can often be found on the seats that are on the opposite end of the arena from the stage. While they are a further distance from the artist, they actually offer the best sightline to the entire stage, which artists are increasingly using.

With so many options to choose from, you may often find yourself wondering about the best place to buyBest concert tickets. No matter the genre or venue, live music fans can always find a wide selection ofconcerttickets for sale at EventCartel.

From cheap concert tickets to VIP access, EventCartel specializes in connecting concertgoers with options toaccommodate virtually any budget. Enjoy maximum affordability and selection for the best in Best concerttickets, Best theater tickets, Best comedy tickets, and more, with the added benefit of having afull-service customer support center available daily by phone (800.311.6588) and Live Chat. EventCartel alsoextends a comprehensive Buyer Guarantee that covers all confirmed orders. In addition to purchasing the bestprice concert tickets, customers are also able to receive a 2% cash back bonus on select shows. 041b061a72


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