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Israel Belyaev
Israel Belyaev

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My mother and sister heard word of a dog a few towns away, that would make a great family pet. So we went maybe 11 miles out to get him. As the first couple of weeks had gone by, we began to notice he was VERY hyperactive. So, I would take him on 3-4 walks a day to calm him down. August 6th, 2010, I took him on his first walk of the day, everything was going great, besides the constant dragging me half way down the street. Lol, he's a big boy. Ha ha. Well, I thought it was a good idea to stop by at his dog friend's house, Joker. They were always good to one another always happy to see each other, nothing out of the norm. So we get there, they're playing as usual, when Joker decides to run down the street (we live on the same street). Of course Murk wants to run after him, and begins to pull me down the street, I tried my hardest to pull him back in hope of Murk calming down for once. As I'm pulling his leash back, his body turned and slipped his collar. My dog Murk, runs down the street after him, wanting to play. Joker is a much older dog and I suppose took it the wrong way. Not to mention Joker had wandered off into our yard, which is Murks territory. Murk gets to Joker, and tries to play, and joker being older, took it the wrong way, and began to maul my dog. This went on for maybe 15 minutes, I'm screaming and yelling, completely in a state of panic. My dog is a pit bull lab mix. And joker is a pit bull bulldog mix. So, as I've heard rumors, once pits begin to fight there is no stopping them. So, I grabbed murks collar, (stupid to break up a dog fight I know, I just didn't want one of them to die). As I did this, Joker, grabbed hold of my arm and began thrashing his head around as if I was a rope toy. Beginning to feel my bone slowly being crushed, I could either, A: Let him tear my arm up, and cause more damage. OR B: Rip my arm away from him, while he still had a chunk full of my skin in his mouth. I chose B. I had to go to the Emergency room, and they gave me a few stitches (messed them up by the way). Low & behold the sheriff shows up and starts asking me questions. I wasn't even worried about my arm in the least bit, I just wanted to make sure the dogs were okay. Well, after me pleading with the officer, and telling Jokers fantastic background of being a wonderful dog, he had filed his papers and was on his way. I get home a few hours later, and the police told Mike, (the owner of joker) that he had to be under a ten day watch, he wouldn't be put to sleep, because it wasn't an attack it was an accident. I'm the dumby who decided to break up a dog fight and I take full blame for my bite, it was not Joker's fault, he didn't know better. Once dogs get into that rage attack mode, there's no "Oh you're my owner, I won't bite you." No way. Our towns city council people, or whatever, told Mike he had to give away his dog because there were to be no pits in town. I mean, we live in a town with 250 people. And he was going to give him away to the humane society, but there was a waiting list? I think? Something along those lines, and instead, had Joker be put to sleep.

Track 6: Whatever Gets You Thru The NightDaisy ...



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