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College students, as one of the most dynamic groups in China, have great mobility, strong mobility and like to socialize. They are young, healthy, and often have mild symptoms after being infected with COVID-19, which can have a significant impact on the spread of COVID-19. Besides, the outbreak of COVID-19 coincided with the time of massive transportation before the Spring Festival. College students on winter vacation, as an important part of the massive transportation, may have played a role in the spread of COVID-19 to the whole country. College students also has a great impact on the risk perception of the people around them. Therefore, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the risk perception of COVID-19 among college students in China. In order to evaluate the risk perception of COVID-19 among college students in China and explore its related factors in this period and provide further evidence for prevention and control of COVID-19. We conducted a questionnaire survey on the risk perception of COVID-19 among college students in different provinces of China in February 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic was in the outbreak and college students were mostly isolated at home. By the end of March 2020, although the epidemic of COVID-19 in China has been basically controlled, the epidemic has also spread globally and has become a global pandemic [16], causing closure of many schools. Therefore, we believe this study also has great significance for epidemic control in other countries.

The spread of the outbreak also coincided with the peak travel time during the Spring Festival. As one of the most mobile groups in China, college students have acted as a very important viral carrier in this outbreak, which accelerated the spread of the epidemic. After that, the peak of college students returning to school is about to come. Therefore, while strengthening the management of college students returning to school, it is particularly important for college students to fully understand and perceive the risk of COVID-19. At present, although most college students generally have a high knowledge level of COVID-19, there are still a small number of college students with a low knowledge level, which should be paid attention to by us. In addition, the college students as a higher education group, have higher knowledge level, they are good at following and learning the knowledge of COVID-19 through various channels, and their risk perception of outbreak of COVID-19 will affect people's risk perception around them, thus to the epidemic prevention behavior of social members and public health security. But the general public has limited access to COVID-19, especially in the elderly (the average age of patients with COVID-19 is now 51). Therefore, in addition to the promotion of COVID-19 knowledge by TV, Internet and other media, government departments at all levels and health institutions should be fully mobilized to cooperate closely, so that people can learn about this disease in a short period of time, pay attention to this disease, and take the initiative to prevent it on the basis of cognition. In addition, the study has shown that the overwhelming amount of information and the overuse of mass media in communicating the COVID-19 virus might contribute to overreaction, unwarranted public fear, and an overly pessimistic feeling in perceiving the current risk [35]. So when it comes to communicating information, the attitude of spreading information can shift from emergency response to preventive preparedness, and this would be likely to reduce people's fear and panic.

Our study shows that college students in China have a high risk perception. However, there were differences among different genders, majors, school locations and knowledge levels. Female students, non-medical students, students whose schools are located in Wuhan and students with high knowledge level have higher risk perception. In view of the mobility and influence of college students in China, we should improve the knowledge level of some college students, so as to improve the risk perception, and let college students lead people around to change their attitudes.


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