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Cara Hack Facebook Menggunakan Backtrack 5

11. it is really important to choose right username and password for accessing the camera web page. always chose the username and password which you use for accessing the web page of other things. so if you will be using the same username and password to hack a cctv camera then you will find that the camera have been hacked.

cara hack facebook menggunakan backtrack 5


now you need to choose a good tool for hacking cctv cameras. there are many types of tools available on internet. there are many of tools like websense (a good application for blocking website) wireshark (a good application for sniffing wifi traffic) perl script (a simple script to make this task easier) and many more. choose the tool which you are comfortable with. otherwise you will get confused. try reading the user manual of the tool which you have choose. some application will have their own forum or blog to help you

now we can start hacking the camera. choose a good tool which you are comfortable with. it is preferred that you try the tool once before starting the task of hacking. always choose the latest version of the tool and try to avoid any unknown file.

do not forget to update the tool after you finish the task of hacking as well. most of the tool comes with update feature. if you dont update the tool then you will be able to hack only one camera. but if you update the tool then you can hack every camera in the same ip range.

always remember to try your hacking tool in a virtual machine before trying it in your system. you can always back your system to its normal state. if any damage will be done to your system then you will be informed.


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