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Prodigy Multitrack [EXCLUSIVE]

The chance to enjoy such a massive live rig is given to relatively few bands. By contrast, Jon Burton insists that the means by which he makes multitrack recordings of each Prodigy gig are available to all. "The kind of recording we do is the kind of thing that any band could do. It's just the way you approach it, really. Most desks in clubs you can get subgroups out of. You don't need them to mix [live], particularly, and even if you do, they've usually got a subgroup output. You can take that to your multitrack and just route the subgroup to left and right [to feed the FOH system].

prodigy multitrack

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Year-round education is also known by the number of "tracks" it uses. A school using a "single track" year-round calendar is simply changing the instructional/vacation sequence of the school year; all the students and staff are in school or vacation at the same time. But a school using a "multitrack" year-round calendar does something quite different; it divides the entire student body and staff into different tracks (from four to five). If, for example, a school is using a four-track system, then at any one time three of the four tracks are attending school while the fourth is on vacation. The rotation sequence depends on the year-round calendar being used. In the 60/20 calendar, one track returns from vacation and one track leaves every 20 days.

The advantage of a multitrack system is that it expands the seating capacity of a school facility. For example, if a school with a seating capacity of 1,000 uses a four-track system, it could potentially enroll 1,333 students, increasing its capacity by 33 percent. In practice, four-track plans typically expand the seating capacity by about 25 percent.

For many, however, the advantages of multitrack year-round education are compromised by the disadvantages. For instance, lengthening the school year beyond 180 days by using on-site classrooms is thwarted by the available-day limitations of each multitrack year-round education track. And offering mandatory remediation sessions, when all classrooms are used all year, is likewise a challenge. A district considering the implementation of multitrack year-round education must consider both its facility needs and its instructional objectives and then choose a course that provides each of its students with the maximum opportunity to learn. 350c69d7ab


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