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Ready, set, wakeskate!Browse wakeskates from the best brands in the industry such as Hyperlite, Ronix, Liquid Force and many more. The House is the #1 choice for wakeskate gear and our epic selection is the proof. Single or bi-level, wood or composite, we have em all! Wakeskating is where it's at!

buy wakeskate

If you're en experienced wake skater this category needs no introduction. For many of our customers that may be new to wake skating, think of a skate board that is ridden at wakeboard speeds with a wakeboard rope. Between surfing and wakeboarding, most people have plenty of options, but a wakeskate is another fun toy to have on the boat.

Wakeskates are essentially skateboards on the water, minus the trucks and wheels. These boards of expertly crafted wood and/or composite are gripped with either foam or actual griptape and shredded across the water. Designed to go wake to wake, hit ramps, or grind rails. Being heavily influenced by actual skateboarding, most wakeskaters try to emulate their favorite skateboard tricks on the water with their wakeskates. Wakeskating is a growing sport with an insatiable appetite for new riders.

At Waterskiers World we have all the expert advice to make the process of buying your new wakeskate easy and offer a 12 month warranty on all purchases. With an extensive range of decks available simply contact our friendly sales team if you have any questions Contact Us

Performing wakeskating tricks is inherit more difficult than wakeboarding or wakesurfing due to the fact that the rider is not bound to his or her board. Some of the different tricks performed by wakeskaters includes lip tricks, flat tricks, inside-out, wake-to-wake, and re-entry.

Bi-Level wakeskates are the best if you want the most control and pop. The bottom deck gives you speed and control on the water while the flexible top deck sticks the board to your feet and creates huge pop off the flat water.

The top surface of the wakeskate is either covered with grip tape similar to a skateboard or a soft, high-traction, EVA pad. If you prefer to ride barefoot, go with foam. If you wear wakeskating shoes, the grip tape gives you a stable platform for ultimate control, just like a skateboard.

A wooden Wakeskate is often used to make wakeskates. The wood wakeskates are glassed over with a marine grade epoxy that gives the wakeskate a lively feel, more of a skateboard-esque feel. Wood wakeskates are less durable than their composite counterparts because the wood does not like water. Often times manufacturers do not warranty wood wakeskates.

Whether you are new to the sport or on a budget, the Focus is the perfect wakeskate for a pull behind any boat or PWC. The Focus uses the same professionally designed 9-ply wood deck of our higher end skate and shaves some money by covering the deck with a flat, stamped and brushed EVA deck.

The EVA deck surface provides comfort with or without shoes. Its beveled rail provides forgiveness when getting up or for when you are ready to try that new trick. You can't progress if you don't try, so grab a Focus wakeskate and let the good times begin!

We have a mega sale of our wakeboards, kiteboards and wakeskate stock. So check our website and grab a freshie for next to notting. If we have to go any cheaper... we would be giving them away for free!! 041b061a72


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