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Cc Wifi Radio Firmware !FULL!

The CC WiFi-3 is remarkable for listening to a clear signal from your favorite station. With the vast selection of over 25,000 stations on the new CC WiFi 3 you can be assured you will discover radio shows you love. You can go to, click on the "Radio" header to be sure they carry your favorite station or host.

Cc Wifi Radio Firmware


Audio is great for a full voice with clarity. If you would like superior audio for music, the CC WiFi 3 has a line-out which can be used for remarkable results with an amplified speaker system. The radio has an adjustable equalizer (Line Out and Headphone) for advance users centered at 105, 300, 850, 2400 and 6800 Hz plus an adjustable 3D setting for depth. Settings can be adjusted to your ear. Audio from the Line Out is equal to or better than any other WiFi radio we have tested.

Although there are a few different possibilities for this error message, your radio may need to receive a firmware update for better router communication. The next time you receive the error message, don't touch the radio for 1 minute as it may need some time to access the firmware upgrade. If this doesn't work, then you might try using another WiFi connection (temporarily) to receive the firmware update on your radio. Thereafter you may return to your previous WiFi connection see if that resolves the issue. Alternatively you can always contact C. Crane customer service for further assistance and support.

No. Many hotels, hospitals and airports are adding on a user license agreement you must accept in order to access Internet or requiring a username and password for using their WiFi networks. The radio has no way of displaying these webpages or accepting such agreements so it will not work in these situations.

Yes. The radio includes a removable 5dBi WiFi Antenna with an RPSMA connector that can be replaced with a stronger gain WiFi Antenna. If you have a distant shop or garage, our Parabolic antenna with a 10' cable can deliver a signal to your CC WiFi 3 up to 400' away, provided there are no obstructions, and your router is in a favorable position. See this product at -power-antenna/.

This could be due to the signal between the radio and the router being too weak or too much interference. Check to make sure the 5dBi WiFi antenna (included with the radio) is attached completely to the back of the radio. You may want to detach and reattach it.

Reciva originally announced that their services would close permanently on January 31, 2021. That date was then pushed out to April 30, 2021, after pressure from WiFi radio manufactures like C.Crane and Grace Audio.

Many WiFi radio owners performed a hack on their radios which essentially circumventing the Reciva aggregator before the announced closure on April 30, 2021. Later, we learned that radios with Reciva chips might require a periodic token refresh to keep the radio functioning properly. Contacts within the industry confirmed the use of a token system, however no one verified that it would effectively brick-up a radio post-Reciva.

I have a German version of the CCWeb radio and was equally dismayed at Reciva not responding. However, your double Back to the preset stations has saved the day! Many thanks for your research and information.

If anyone has an old Grace IR1000B, SharpFin works and allows you to edit the presets, you can install a local media server onto the radio to add your own stations to it browsing via the media server option on the radio without the need for one on a computer. Note that the patch server to patch the IR1000B firmware does not work on Windows 10, so you have to have a Windows 7 machine laying around. The IR1000B seems to behave better than the newer mini amp one with Reciva gone. And I do not believe the Sharpfin works on the newer ones. Be sure the try the test patch first which will tell you.

The solution of using the Upnp app from the Google Play Store does work well with any Grace Radio. The only thing is that the app is limited at around 20 radio stations unless you add the URL to other stations you want, so it would be even better if it would somehow connect to a radio server with thousands of radio stations, like

To use foobar2000 was a nice idea, thank you!!! I was gonna to install a proxy, to try to reroute the Reciva Gateway, using this page -to-give-your-reciva-wifi-radio-a-second-life-before-the-service-closes-on-april-30-2021/ ; but to use foobar2000 proved to be quick!

See my solution a bit further down this list of replies. Mine works perfectly, and I can still access 95 of my preset station perfectly. Do not dispose of your radio if you have lots of presets loaded. They can easily be accessed, and will work if they have not changed their URLs. Only three of my presets became unusable. I still have 97 working.

I really think that the future of WIFI radios will be slowly dying out. Many content providers are now insisting that you access their stream thru proprietary apps. Recently, I requested that PGA Tour Radio be added to Skytunes. Skytunes could not find a useable stream & asked that I make a request to PGA Tour Radio so that they would forward Skytunes a useable address. PGA Radio wrote back saying that they would not do this, but that I can always listen for free on their proprietary app. This is a pain, since a computer or smartphone is required. This is just one case. I have had this problem with another content provider as well.

I just bought an Ocean Digital WR-800D internet radio, and was pleased to see that, besides using SkyTunes as an aggregator site, it is also possible to update presets locally. This model has a built-in web server that I can access from my local network. The pages that it provides allow for manually entering internet audio stream URLs.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your replay! I will definitely check out the Ocean. Internet radio is far superior to any off-air, AM or FM radio these days and I am really missing having the Mondo fully working!

I had bought an Amazon Echo Input a couple years ago and had it relegated to the out pile. It got a new lease on life as the front end to my WRS20 as an external speaker. Now it boots up much quicker and my old radio has voice control.

Greg fadul1 hour ago@Brad The US search function will be updated for all Plus and Elite radios with a radio software update at 10pm PST tonight. For the US it will change from search by zip to search by city and state. There will also be various software changes on the Mondo Elite (not the plus) model such as adding color to the home screen icons. We have also updated thousands of stations and will have another update of the database next week upgrading about 10,000 radio stations and recategorizing stations into a new internet only folder. Next week will be just a server / database change not a radio software update

From my previous posts you are aware that I have already a presets under unusual circumstances and an additional preset after the confirmed Reciva Gateway shutdown. Last night I lost another preset but in this instance I was alert to the possibility that it was due to the Reciva Gateway shutdown in conjunction with my radio and firmware combination.

I powered up the radio and it booted normally whereupon the station of the last preset selected on button 1 played. After a couple of minutes I selected the station on preset button 0 which again loaded normally. Several hours later I returned to the station on preset on button 1 but after it was pressed nothing happened; the radio remained on the station assigned to button 0. I tried pressing the preset button 1 again three times giving ample time between pressings; nothing happened! I thought that I had replaced the battery in the remote only months ago so it should still be good. Ignoring the remote I used the preset button 1 on the radio but again nothing happened; the radio remained on the station which was assigned to button 0.

Arbitrarily, I began to press the leftmost column of buttons on the remote beginning with button 7; it loaded normally with its assigned station. Then to button 4; it again loaded normally. Trying button 1 the radio loaded up with the station that was assigned to button 0! I now had two presets, 1 and 0, assigned to the same station and I lost the station originally assigned to button 1.

The re-assignment of button 1 with that of the station on button 0 was entirely the result of an internal function of the radio and most likely due to the loss of the Reciva Gateway and my radio and firmware combination.

It is conjecture that the two presets were lost due to the Reciva Gateway being inaccessible; however, the radio now displays unusual behavior that was never experienced in its service life. I am happy to report that this radio had provided flawless operation since the day it was first used.

There was no discernible pattern to the reboot events. At times they would be separated by hours while other times the reboots would occur four times in a row and ten minutes apart; an hour to thirty minutes separation might be considered typical. The radio was relocated to within ten feet of the router for the tests.

While the volume control oddity might be difficult to explain, the continuous rebooting of the radio may be an attempt to reconnect with the missing Reciva Gateway and most likely nothing can be done about it.

Rob, THANK YOU, it worked for me and my old C. Crane radio!! I thought I had done something similar to what you suggested, but it takes pressing the BACK button twice in succession, as you mention, and then pressing one of my presets. Thank you so much for posting, and I encourage everyone to try this!

Your tip saved my WFR-20 radio! I love it because of its unique audio quality. Using the Sharpfin extension


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