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How Alienvault Helps You Achieve Compliance and Security in the Cloud

What is AlienVault and Why You Need It

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable solution to protect your network from cyber threats, you might have heard of AlienVault. But what is AlienVault exactly, and why do you need it?


AlienVault is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that help organizations of all sizes detect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks. AlienVault offers a unique combination of open threat intelligence, security information and event management (SIEM), and cybersecurity services that enable you to monitor, analyze, and respond to threats in real time.

In this article, we will explain what AlienVault is, how it works, what benefits and features it offers, what customers say about it, and how you can get started with it. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of why AlienVault is the best choice for your cybersecurity needs.

AlienVault: The World's First Open Threat Intelligence Community

One of the key components of AlienVault is its Open Threat Exchange (OTX), which is the world's first truly open threat intelligence community. OTX enables private companies, independent security researchers, and government agencies to openly collaborate and share the latest information about emerging threats, attack methods, and malicious actors, promoting greater security across the entire community.

How AlienVault Works

AlienVault works by leveraging the power of OTX and its own security products to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date threat intelligence that helps you detect and respond to threats faster and more effectively. Here are some of the main features of how AlienVault works:

Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

  • OTX is a free platform that allows anyone in the security community to contribute, discuss, research, validate, and share threat data.

  • OTX collects over 20 million threat indicators daily from over 200,000 global participants who investigate emerging threats in the wild.

  • OTX automatically extracts indicators of compromise (IOCs) from blogs, threat reports, emails, PCAPs, and more.

  • OTX allows you to join and create specialized groups, including private groups, to share threat intelligence with specific audiences.

  • OTX allows you to submit files and URLs for free malware analysis within Alien Labs OTX sandbox.

  • OTX allows you to quickly identify if your endpoints have been compromised in major cyber attacks using OTX Endpoint Security.

  • OTX allows you to synchronize OTX threat intelligence with other security products via DirectConnect API, SDK, and STIX/TAXII.

OTX Endpoint Security

  • OTX Endpoint Security is a free service that natively uses the community-powered threat intelligence of OTX to scan your endpoints for known IOCs.

  • OTX Endpoint Security uses the same agent-based approach as expensive endpoint security tools and DIY open source agents without the expense, complexity, or guesswork.

  • OTX Endpoint Security is available to any registered OTX user. To get started, you just need to download and install the OTX agent on the Windows or Linux devices you want to monitor.

  • OTX Endpoint Security allows you to launch a query on any endpoint from OTX by selecting a pre-defined query that looks for IOCs in one or more categories, such as processes, registry keys, files, or network connections.

  • OTX Endpoint Security allows you to view the results of the query in OTX and see if any of the endpoints have been compromised by known threats.

  • OTX Endpoint Security allows you to take action on the compromised endpoints by isolating them from the network, killing malicious processes, deleting malicious files, or blocking malicious network connections.

AlienVault: The Best Solution for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Another key component of AlienVault is its SIEM solution, which is designed to help you collect, correlate, analyze, and act on security data from various sources across your network. AlienVault offers two versions of its SIEM solution: AlienVault OSSIM and AlienVault USM.

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AlienVault OSSIM

  • AlienVault OSSIM is the world's most widely used open source SIEM solution, with over 500,000 downloads and 195,000 active users.

  • AlienVault OSSIM provides you with the basic security capabilities you need to monitor your network, such as asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, and event correlation.

  • AlienVault OSSIM is free to download and use for any purpose. However, it does not include any support or maintenance services from AlienVault.

  • AlienVault OSSIM is ideal for security enthusiasts, researchers, students, and small organizations who want to learn about SIEM and get started with basic security monitoring.

AlienVault USM

  • AlienVault USM is the commercial version of AlienVault OSSIM, which provides you with the advanced security capabilities you need to protect your network from sophisticated threats.

  • AlienVault USM includes all the features of AlienVault OSSIM, plus additional features such as threat intelligence updates from OTX and Alien Labs, log management and retention, compliance reporting and management, orchestration and automation, cloud monitoring and integration, and more.

  • AlienVault USM comes with full support and maintenance services from AlienVault, including 24/7 technical support, product updates and upgrades, training and certification, and professional services.

  • AlienVault USM is ideal for medium to large organizations who need a comprehensive and scalable SIEM solution that can handle complex and dynamic environments.

AlienVault: The Trusted Partner for Cybersecurity Services

Besides its threat intelligence and SIEM solutions, AlienVault also offers a range of cybersecurity services that can help you enhance your security posture and achieve your security goals. These services include:

AlienVault Professional Services

  • AlienVault Professional Services are designed to help you get the most out of your AlienVault products and solutions. These services include installation and configuration, migration and upgrade, customization and integration, health check and optimization, incident response and forensics, and more.

  • AlienVault Professional Services are delivered by certified AlienVault experts who have extensive experience and knowledge in cybersecurity best practices and industry standards.

  • AlienVault Professional Services are available on-demand or as part of a subscription plan. You can choose from different service levels depending on your needs and budget.

AlienVault Managed Security Services

  • AlienVault Managed Security Services are designed to help you outsource your security operations to AlienVault's team of security analysts who will monitor, manage, and respond to threats on your behalf. These services include managed detection and response (MDR), managed compliance (MC), managed vulnerability scanning (MVS), managed log review (MLR), managed threat hunting (MTH), and more.

  • AlienVault Managed Security Services are powered by AlienVault USM's advanced technology and OTX's rich threat intelligence. You will get access to a dedicated portal where you can view your security status, alerts, reports, recommendations, and actions.

  • AlienVault Managed Security Services are available as a monthly or annual subscription plan. You can choose from different service tiers depending on your needs and budget.

AlienVault: The Benefits and Features You Can Expect

Now that you know what AlienVault is and how it works, let's take a look at some of the benefits and features you can expect from using AlienVault for your cybersecurity needs. Here are some of the main ones:

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Threat Intelligence

One of the biggest advantages of AlienVault is that it provides you with comprehensive and up-to-date threat intelligence that helps you stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. AlienVault's threat intelligence is derived from multiple sources, includin


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