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The video below is a clip of Darren Sugiyama delivering the keynote speech at one of Aflac's Annual Kickoff Meetings, talking about the beginning stages of his insurance career and how to overcome the adversities and challenges that come with being a new agent.  Darren is available for keynote speaking events at $10,000 per event + travel & lodging expenses.



The 27-minute video below is an excerpt from one of Darren Sugiyama's virtual motivational events about the science of developing a successful mindset. 


As a performance coach to many, Darren works with groups of executives and high-level sales team to maximize their results by re-wiring the way your people process information.  His teachings can literally change the way your people deal with stress, anxiety, and worry in regards to performance.  Private coaching rate is $2,500 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.


Darren Sugiyama has worked with sales teams all over the country, teaching them how to be more effective communicators. 


He has also designed sales & marketing processes, as well as agent training programs for both multi-billion dollar insurance carriers, as well as boutique agencies, teaching their agents how to better communicate with their clients.

In the video below, several Colonial Life agents talk about the impact of Darren Sugiyama's communication coaching has multiplied their results in several different regions around the country.  Private coaching rate is $2,500 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.



BenefitMall is the largest wholesaling group benefits General Agency in the entire country.  In the video below, some of their executives talk about their own experience attending one of Darren Sugiyama's private business development coaching events in Dallas, Texas.   Private coaching rate is $2,500 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.



People from all over the country fly out to Orange County, California for 2-Day Boot Camp Seminars taught by Darren Sugiyama.  Some Boot Camps are insurance industry-specific, and some are industry-agnostic and focus on: 

     *Developing more effective leadership skills

     *Improving communication techniques & formatting your messaging

     *Building a stronger, more compelling personal brand

     *Implementing higher-impact sales & marketing strategies

     *Developing bulletproof confidence & programming a mindset of success

Below is a sample 2.5 hour clip from one of Darren's Boot Camp Seminars.  If you would like to be notified when the next Boot Camp Seminar will take place, sign up for our e-newsletter, CLICK HERE.



Struggling in your career? 


Depressed about what's happening in your business right now? 


It's super frustrating, especially when you don't have a mentor to get good solid advice from.  Plus, it can be embarrassing to admit that you don't know what to do.  You might even feel ashamed that your business isn't producing enough to pay the bills. 

Darren Sugiyama has been there too.  His first year in the insurance business, his personal income for the year was only $277.  But just seven years later, his firm was producing over $37 million in annual sales.  He can coach you through exactly how he did it, and how you can apply his strategies to your business too.


Although Darren does 2-day motivational seminars, many people just can't afford the $1,000+ cost to attend these events.  That's why we've partnered with Mentorcam... an app that allows you to "Pick Darren's Brain" where you can ask Darren specific questions, and he can respond to you via video with customized advice on whatever you're struggling with... whether it's branding, marketing, motivation, juggling your business and a marriage at the same time, recovering from a devastating blow (ie: betrayal, divorce, the pandemic crushing your business, etc.) and many other challenges that entrepreneurs go through.  This is done in a 100% private/confidential environment where ONLY YOU can access his private video coaching responses to you.


This platform allows Darren to be your virtual business coach, life coach, and mentor at an incredibly low cost... low enough so just about anyone can afford it... even a struggling entrepreneur when money is tight.  This the perfect option for budget-conscious entrepreneurs that need advice.

No monthly subscription costs.  No commitments.  Just great solid advice at only $29 per question.


Click on the Mentorcam link below to find out more about how this works...

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